Les lettres d'amour de la religieuse portugaise | G-J. Lavergne-Guilleragues

There’s this text, a bestseller from the late 17th century. Five letters, written by a nun to her missing lover. Like five acts in a tragedy in which desire gets in the way, in the enjoyment of misfortune. To exist is to activate oneself in pursuit of the object of one’s desire. This is the movement that the Ultima Necat company puts on a show. That of a woman’s voice, deep in a cloister, activating her desire to finally exist, to appear in the world. Guilleragues’ text is a pretext for investing the drama of the body traversed by the poem. In a scenography of water and ice, where the reflections of the water in the pool, the pure, geometric simplicity of the ice wall, the movements of the waves, the candlelight, compose images that take the spectator into a dream, an abolished listening to our realities.

Performance, staging and stage design: Gaël Laveugle

Filmed during the Festival d’Avignon OFF 2022.




Caserne des Pompiers

Date of recording:



Colin Laurent


Moselle TV, Vosges TV, Canal 32,