A 360° vision

In Esperanto, LIBELO refers to the dragonfly, known for its 360° vision: ours is that of a global approach that includes the long-term promotion of the video work produced. To this end, LIBELO develops appropriate communications, both on digital media and by direct approach to distribution relays.

LIBELO also offers to support artists in promoting their own work, notably through personalized, multilingual digital communication. In our experience, the special relationship forged during a successful shoot strengthens mutual trust and encourages the emergence of new projects.

Privileged Mediation

Each LIBELO production is part of a privileged mediation approach between the artist and the public. Each project is conceived and carried out in a long-term perspective that goes beyond the delivery of the film. Whether it’s a recording, clip or documentary, a shoot is the fruit of elaborate preparation, rich in exchanges between the LIBELO and artist teams.

The result is a mutual, in-depth understanding of the artistic issues at stake, meticulous technical construction and particular attention to the high quality of the image, set design and lighting.

LIBELO shoots are also renowned for their friendly atmosphere, within highly professional teams where participants are chosen as much for their interpersonal skills as for their high level of technical competence.

LIBELO’s approach, deployed in France and abroad in the fields of jazz, contemporary music, theater and documentaries, has earned us the trust of Arte Concert, France Télévisions, Mezzo, Télévisions Locales du Grand Est and Qwest TV.

Our Know how

  • Live performance recording
  • Documentary
  • Digital communication

Our team


Valentine Wurtz

Founder and Producer

Yamina Felten

Digital Communications Officer

Coline Gutter

Development Officer

Florian Millot


They trust in Libelo