Edouard Ferlet | Twisted Mind

Since his first album in 1997, Edouard Ferlet has enjoyed creatively manipulating the piano, adding sound-processing and MAO technologies. The result is unexpected sounds reminiscent of synthesizers and Johann Sebastian Bach’s harpsichord.

In “Twisted Mind”, director Nathan Benisty awakens a humanoid on an altar in a clinical white room. Behind one-way glass, a woman programs the creature to reproduce ballet sequences. The robot’s unexpected emotion at a love scene frightens its creator, who decides to erase the memory. In counterpoint, in the half-light of another room, Edouard Ferlet and his PIANOÏD2 device. Highly written, at times hypnotic, poetic, mechanical and intriguing, his music enters into magnificent osmosis with the images.

Cast: Edouard Ferlet, Isabelle Perrodeau (scientist) and Cauê Frias (dancer at the Ballet de l’Opéra national du Rhin).

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Nathan Benisty