Babylon Circus

Almost twenty years of travelling and sharing their encounters, their hopes and their trials, with the public as their ship, which has carried them and taken them everywhere. From Lyon to Sydney, from New York to Annonay, from Sziget to Womad, they have toured the world several times, in just over 1,500 concerts. The band of mates, who wanted to make “reggae-ska because it’s cool”, found themselves playing their own music, without any label or style, driven by the desire to discover, mix and bring people together. Everything they encountered took something from them and gave something to them. They’ve blended, they’ve grown, they’ve fallen and they’ve risen again, always more themselves. They’re back with an album that’s more rock and more like them, a lively, polished album, rich with the mastery they’ve acquired over the years and full of the spirit that has always driven them. “Never stop” is the title of this 5th opus, and it sounds like a credo.




Festival Pelpass

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Adeline Chahin




Association Pelpass